(VIDEO) Woman Bites a Man, stoops to Lick His Blood Off The Floor and then strips Naked

In a mobile video uploaded by Hong Kong News on YouTube, a Chinese woman is seen straddling a male passenger, gripping him in her arms and biting into his neck as he tries to fight her off.

The 50 seconds-long video then shows the woman falling on her knees and licking the blood off the subway floor as others watch.
She then strips naked and strikes a fierce pose with both her legs spread apart, her hands raised and her head tilted backwards.
According to South China Morning Post, the bizarre incident happened inside the Subway train to Chongqing on Wednesday
The man, aged 56, was left bleeding and needed hospital treatment for his injuries.
The woman, aged 36, apparently lost control of herself due to problems in her marriage. The man she attacked was a stranger, reported SCMP.
She was reportedly seen screaming before attacking the male passenger.
You can watch the fascinating video here: