Dad dies trying to Retrieve Son’s Phone dropped Into a Pit Toilet

A child recently dropped his mobile phone into a pit toilet in Taiyuan city of Shanxi province, China.
However, the men were found dead upon being rescued. They are believed to be poisoned by sewer gas, and lost consciousness in the pit.
Prolonged exposure to sewer gas causes breathing difficulties and heart paralysis, which may lead to death.
Seehua Online reported that the boy notified his father of the incident, who then attempted to recover the mobile phone from the three-metre deep pit toilet on the next day, 24 July. 
The father never resurfaced from the pit. Hence, the boy's uncle jumped into it as well in an attempt to save his brother.
Oriental Daily reported that none of the men came back up. This prompted the boy's family to make a police report to save the brothers from the pit.
Police found that the three-metre deep pit toilet held faeces up to two metres. 
Rescuers deployed a faecal suction truck and an excavator to break down the walls of the pit toilet and extract the trapped men.