DSS NASS Invasion update: ‘170 PDP lawmakers’ barricade senate chamber

The Peoples Democratic Party  (PDP ) federal lawmakers have barricaded the entrance of the senate chamber.
Yusuf Tajudeen, a member of the house of reps who spoke on behalf of the PDP lawmakers, said the action followed the alleged plot to remove Senate President Bukola Saraki.
He called on Nigerians to rise in defence of democracy .
“Right now, we have about 50 senators and 120 members of house of reps. We are in the white house lobby seated there keeping vigil because what happened this morning confirmed the earlier rumour for the past three days that there is an attempt to use undemocratic means to change the leadership of the senate and house of representatives,” he said.
“Nigerians should rise up and not to allow the attempt by the forces of darkness who do not understand the pain people went through to achieve the democratic culture being enjoyed today.
“The essence of democratic governance is to allow people to air their views and opinions even when you disagree with them . You mobilise support for your own view and majority have their way and minority have their say.”