Lady dies after jumping off 23-storey building

A South African woman commits suicide by jumping off a 23-storey building. Another horrible suicide rocked the Joburg city centre yesterday! This time a woman took her own life by jumping from the 20th floor of the 23-storey Protea Hotel in Braamfontein.
Guests were enjoying breakfast yesterday morning when the staff heard a loud thud as the woman’s body landed on the ceiling of a room on the first floor.
Hotel staff said the woman (27) had checked in at about 3 pm on Monday. She ordered some drinks at the bar before disappearing to her room. Police spokesman Sergeant Mduduzi Zondo said the woman had booked into a room on the 20th floor, where she apparently jumped to her death.
Zondo said after hearing the loud noise, the staff were alerted. They informed security, who discovered the body of the woman trapped between the roof and ceiling. They then informed police and emergency medical services workers, who then came to help with removing the body.
Zondo said that video footage helped them identify the woman. “They checked security footage and were able to identify her through the clothes she was wearing because she hadn’t changed her outfit.” Her next-of-kin have to be informed first before her name can be published.