Man Throws Sons Into River After Fight With Wife, Bodies Found

A man allegedly killed his three young sons by throwing them into a river after a fight with his wife in Andhra Pradesh's Chittoor district, India on Sunday.
The bodies of the three boys -- six, three and three months -- were seen floating in the river near the village where the family lives. Local people, shaken by the tragic sight, called the police, who took out the bodies.
The father of the boys was arrested today after a massive hunt.
Puneet, Sanjay and baby Rahul were sons of Venkatesh and Amaravathy.
Amaravathy was Venkatesh's second wife; he remarried as his first wife could not have children, the police say.
After a fight last week, Amaravathy allegedly went to her parents' home with her children. Last night, Venkatesh went to bring his wife and children back. One the way, the couple allegedly fought again, and Venkatesh stormed off with his sons.
"I never imagined he would kill his own children in this brutal manner," Amaravathy told the police.
Venkatesh is said to be an alcoholic.