‘Homosexuality is a crime in Nigeria and ought to remain so’- Donald Duke

Donald Duke, former governor of Cross River state, has issued a statement to clarify his position on same sex relationships.
Duke, a presidential aspirant, had received backlash for a comment he made during a show anchored by Folarin Falana (Falz) and Laila Johnson-Salami.
Explaining his stance on same sex relationships, Duke had said that he would not criminalise homosexuality, as long as it is not exhibited publicly.
“I don’t understand the emotional feelings a gay person would have of their sexuality. I don’t understand it but I will not criminalise them. I will ensure that they have the protection of the law,” he had said.
Clarifying what he meant via his Instagram page on Sunday, Duke said his comment about protecting the rights of gay individuals is not an affirmation of homosexuality and same sex marriage.

“Recently, a statement I made during an interview concerning gay rights and homosexuality has been construed as my affirmation of homosexuality and same sex marriage,” he said.
“Nothing is further from the truth. Homosexuality is a crime in Nigeria and ought to remain so.
“What I however did say is that I would not go seeking homosexuals for prosecution as this is liable to abuses and as such would rather not delve into the sexuality of an individual.
“For the avoidance of doubt, our law on homosexuality stands in fact and in my moral rectitude.”