‘LUTH killed My Brother’ Man Cries Out After Doctors 'NEGLECTED' Dying Soul For 5 HOURS

These allegations are becoming too rampant and no one is questioned. This is sad, beyond sad! And even private hospitals aren’t helping either.
Ones it’s emergency, the doctor wants to buy his next car via the family. It’s just sad. Promising Nigerians dying because they lack mere treatments that can save their lives.
Nigeria is failing citizens on so many levels. They don’t know this, they don’t feel this, because their family get treated overseas. May we not have the cause of being under the shadows of these so called doctors. Looking at this young man, isn’t this just sad!!!!
He was alive for 5 hours damn it!! He could still be alive nowif the system was working. What is brother wrote on Facebook after the cut...''All the General Hospital in Nigeria is nothing but a dead zone center where every patient is not sure of coming back alive. Their nonchalant attitude killed my brother. We got to navy town hospital they said no facilities to treat him that we should go to Lagos university teaching hospital.(Luth) we got there around after six(6).
We were shouting emergency emergency emergency nobody answered not even the security were moved. Then I call a matron working there she was off duty but did her best to call some people on duty. Despite are call they didn't answer.  my brother was struggling for breath in held him telling him the we never plan to depart this way.
He was calling my name and other peoples name. I was shouting doctor pls nurse pls don't let my brother die. they didn't answer even people around that brought patients they said that is how they use to do.
All efforts was abortive my brother struggled for more than 5 hours. It was even inside the small shuttle bus inside the hospital compound they gave him drip. All what they requested for we gave them. It was past 8 my brother stop struggling he became weak couldn't breath again was just moving his legs.
That was when they brought their bed for us to put him Inside it was not up to 10 minutes I was asked to control myself that my brother is gone.
They killed my brother because he wasn't given attention despite having money to purchase all they requested for. My GOD will judge them all. Segun rest on and sleep well I will forever miss you. Sun re.''