Man Who Sexually Abused His Stepdaughter Since She Was 12 Claims Stress Made Him Do It

On Monday, 10 September, a 45-year-old man in Singapore was sentenced to seven and a half years' jail after he was found guilty of sexually abusing his stepdaughter since she turned 12 in 2006
The man, who cannot be named to protect the stepdaughter's identity, pleaded guilty to one charge of sexual penetration of a minor, one charge of voluntarily causing hurt and one charge of committing an obscene act with a child, reported Channel NewsAsia.
According to a report in The Straits Times, the abuse began since the time the stepdaughter turned 12-year-old and continued until September 2014 when she told her family of the abuse after he hit her when she refused to do as he wanted.
The man married her mother when the girl was only three-year-old.
For years, the little girl was under the impression that the man was her father. It was only when she was a teenager that she realised he was not her biological father.
In 2006, the man approached his stepdaughter in the flat they lived in. After ensuring that no other family members were in the house at the time, he molested her.
From that point on, he escalated his perversion over the next seven years.
He would subject her to his sexual perversion on weekly basis and by the time the girl was in secondary school, the girl's fear took the form of forced compliance.
He forced his stepdaughter to give him oral sex at 15. The abuse continued through secondary school to when the victim was in polytechnic, reported The Straits Times.
On 7 September 2014, when she returned home from work at around 10pm, the man brought her to an open area near the lift lobby and asked her to perform oral sex on him. But she refused.
While she cried and shoutout for help, there was no one to help her. It was only when the stepdaughter apologised to the man that she stopped his assault.
However, her mother and brother saw that she was in tears when she returned home, they asked him what happened. She told them about them that her stepfather had hit her, and they called the police, according to Channel NewsAsia.
She later confessed to her brother, grandparents and aunt that her stepfather had been sexually abusing her. A few days later, they lodged a police report against him.
 In the Court today, while the man pleaded guilty, he said he committed the crimes as he was "curious, drunk and stressed".
During sentencing, the judge said that while the man had cited stress as one reason for his actions, it was no excuse as the man had exploited family trust of the highest order.
In subjecting his stepdaughter from a young age to his "perverse whims and desires", he robbed her of her innocence and left emotional scars, said the judge.