Man Allegedly Kills Himself, Family, And Pet Dogs Because He 'Didn't Want To Die Alone'

A 45-year-old Indonesian business man allegedly shot his family and drowned their pet dogs before killing himself last week, 24 October
On 27 October, The Jakarta Post reported that Fransiskus Xaverius Ong had left two notes saying that he was "so tired" but "loved" his wife and children and "could not afford to leave them alone in this world."
The murder took place on Wednesday morning at the family's house in Palembang, South Sumatra.
It is believed that Ong killed his 43-year-old wife, Margereth Yentin Liana, his 18-year-old son, Rafael Fransiskus, and 11-year-old daughter, Kathlyn Fransiskus.
According to witnesses, Ong had shown several signs of his plan the night before
One of the family's housemaids, Dewi, told police that Ong drank coffee and played piano at 8pm the day before – something that he only does when he has a problem.
She added that later that night, he gathered all of his employees and housemaids at his home and gave them money.
He also sent a WhatsApp message at 3am to his highschool group asking for forgiveness and for them to remember his good deeds. One of the members replied, "What are you blabbering about at 3am in the morning?"
Another housemaid, Sarah, had gone to Ong's daughter's room the following morning and was shocked to find blood stains on her pillow.
Initially thinking it was a nose bleed, Sarah inspected further and found that the blood came from Kathryn's head.
The housemaids then ran to the parents' room to inform them but found the door locked with no one responding. They then contacted the neighbours and police, who finally discovered that the family had been killed.
Police investigations revealed that Ong may have planned out the whole murder beforehand
"Based on [the findings] of gunshot residue analysis, it was revealed that Fransiskus was the one who pulled the trigger," said South Sumatra Police chief Inspector General Zulkarnain Adinegara on Friday, 26 October.
Investigations showed that Ong first shot his wife in their bedroom and then lit a cigarette to smoke on their balcony.
"We found cigarette butts partly covered in blood, as well as coffee stains outside the bedroom. We assume he smoked a cigarette and thought about his actions before proceeding to murder his children," Zulkarnain said, according to the news portal.
He then reportedly shot his son and daughter in their respective bedrooms. Police believe that he drowned both his dogs in the bathtub before returning to his own room, locking the door, and shooting himself.
While the police have yet to find a clear motive behind the murder, they suspect that Ong's wife demanded for a divorce after claiming that he had an affair
Ong's notes also offered another possibility for his motive. "He didn't want to die alone. That's why he also murdered his entire family," said Zulkarnain.
The bodies of the family have since been cremated.