Hospital Shut down after billing man N42k for circumcision

The license of a private hospital in Tangshan in China's Hebei province has been revoked after a man who went for a regular circumcision was pressured into undergoing additional procedures and left with a bill that was almost 100 times more than expected.
Last Saturday (Dec 15), the hospital's business licence was revoked, Chinese media site reported on Monday.
The 29-year-old man, who was referred to by the pseudonym Xin Yu by the website, was told originally that the circumcision would cost him 800 yuan (N42,101) at Tangshan Modern Hospital.
However, during the operation, a doctor told him that he found three cysts that needed to be removed, said
Mr Xin said that he did not get to look at the cysts, as the doctor only pointed at the scan, and told him to lie down on the hospital bed immediately. The cysts were then removed.
The additional procedure ballooned his hospital bill to more than 80,000 yuan.
On Dec 8, the health authorities in Tangshan said that they had received reports about the incident and were investigating it.
A week later, they issued the hospital a warning letter and fined it 53,000 yuan, as well as revoked its licence.