(Video) Woman Chokes Baby To 'Force' Her Husband To Come Home

A 22-year-old mother in Hunan province, China, took a video of herself abusing her baby on 5 January.
Oriental Daily reported that the woman uploaded the video onto WeChat before sending it to her friends.

The baby was heard crying hysterically as the woman slapped her and covered her nose and mouth.
In the caption of the video, the mother wrote that her baby "reincarnated" into the wrong family.
"Young one, I can only say you reincarnated into the wrong family," the mother wrote, according to Oriental Daily.

"Go die earlier, I hope you won't meet someone like me the next time you reincarnate," she added.
The 22-year-old then surrendered herself to the local police on the same day, and claimed that she never intended to hurt her baby
She claimed that she abused her baby to 'attract' her husband's attention as he was barely home.

The woman also hoped that her husband will not divorce her.

She will be detained for five days.

Meanwhile, her baby has been left under the care of her in-laws.

The video of the incident can be viewed here. Viewer discretion is advised: