Woman divorces husband for forgetting her burger

A woman filed for divorce after her husband forgot her dinner in Abu Dhabi.
The Arab woman in her twenties was home alone while her husband was hanging out with some friends in the desert, as per Al Bayan report.
He stayed with them and forgot to pick up her order, a burger meal from a fast food restaurant. 
When he got home at 3am without her meal, an argument flared that escalated to the point she left their home.
According to the lawyer Hasan Al Mazrooqi, several couples need to be educated about having realistic expectations from married life. 
Being realistic will save people from going to the courts to resolve marital disputes, he added. 
"The law stipulates that if there is no personal harm, couples are referred to a judge who will try to help them solve their problems. If the wife insists on the divorce, the post-marriage dowry will be voided."