Clues that show your phone has been hacked

With technology getting more creative, hackers are not sleeping either. Now spouses have also jumped on the band wagon and now there’s no need to go to the cheaters show when you can tap your boyfriend/girlfriend’s phone to find out what you need to know. But how do you have been hacked?
Background Noise During Phone Calls
Have you dialed or answered a phone call recently and heard weird background noises? These noises could be the result of your phone being tapped. Things you may hear include clicking, scratching, static, and echoes.
Strange Activity On Your Cell Phone
If your cell phone is acting strangely, this could be a sign someone has tapped your cell phone. Strange activities include your phone turning on or off for no reason, lighting up randomly, and hearing message alerts when it’s on silent.
Receiving Weird Text Messages
Are you receiving text messages from a phone number you don’t recognize? Do the texts include weird coded messages or random numbers? If yes, it’s likely that an Android or iPhone spy app has tapped your phone to listen in on your calls.
Your Phone Battery Life Is Always Low
Many things can cause a phone’s battery life to drain, including extensive phone use, multiple applications, and having your screen brightness on high. However, if you’ve already checked and resolved the likely causes and your phone’s battery is still low, cell phone tapping could be the cause.