Student hangs himself after fight with girlfriend

A first-year student, studying in the Bilaspur's CMD College, India committed suicide by hanging himself on Sunday after a fight with his girlfriend, over the phone.
The incident came to light when a friend of the deceased, who lived with him, reached home and found out about the suicide.
The incident was under the jurisdiction of Deendayal Colony of Civil Line police station. The deceased had come to Bilaspur last year for studies. Police have initiated probe in the matter.
According to latest information, the deceased, Rupesh Kumar Kashyap, came to CMD College in October 2018 and stayed at a rented house with his friend Balaram Singh.
On Saturday until 10 pm, Rupesh was with his friends. When Balaram reached home around 1 pm on Sunday, the door was locked from inside. Balaram then peeked in from the window, and saw Rupesh hanging from the ceiling fan. Balaram then informed the police
After being informed about the incident, Rupesh's father also reached Bilaspur. During the police questioning, his father revealed that Rupesh had an affair with a woman from the last four-five years. He also said that Rupesh had attempted to commit suicide in the past as well, but he was saved.
Reiterating Rupesh's father, Balaram said that Rupesh shared a romantic relationship with a woman, and also said that the couple would fight over the phone on most days.
However, the reason for the frequent fights is not yet known, he said. He said when all the friends went out to eat on Saturday, Rupesh did not join them. And when Balaam returned, he saw Rupesh hanging from the fan from outside the window.