5-year-old boy dies after getting trapped inside hot car

A five-year-old boy died after getting trapped inside a car on a hot day in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi Police said on Thursday.
Colonel Mubarak Saif Al Sabousi, Director of Al Ain Police Directorate, said preliminary investigations indicated that the child entered the parked car, which belonged to his family, through a rear door while playing and accidentally locked himself inside.
His family searched for him and eventually found him in the car and rushed him to a nearby health centre where he was declared dead on arrival.
Abu Dhabi Police expressed their deep regret and condolences over the incident and urged residents and motorists not to leave vehicles unlocked or children unattended inside vehicles as it could result in suffocation due to high temperatures and a lack of oxygen inside the vehicle.
Al Sabousi said police were keen to raise awareness among society to call on parents to exercise caution when it comes to supervising children to avoid similar tragedies.