Man Jumps Off Bridge To Save Measuring Tape Given to Him by late Wife

A 41-year-old man in Thailand was recently rescued from a muddy patch of water that he had gotten himself stuck in
Facebook page @ThaiRescueNews shared that the man had leapt from a bridge on Tuesday, 13 August and was unable to free himself from the mud in Chonburi, Thailand.
It turned out that he jumped off the bridge to save a tape measure that he accidentally dropped.
Pretty excessive gesture for a simple measuring tape, one might think?
But the 41-year-old revealed that the item was irreplaceable because it was a gift left to him by his late wife, right before she passed away.
 "Although I can buy a new one for only THB350 (RM47), the measuring tape is very valuable to me," he shared.
The man, who works as a blacksmith, also explained that he had made a promise to his wife that he would keep the tape safe.
Fortunately, he and his measuring tape were rescued after passer-bys alerted authorities of the incident.