Woman Stabs lover After He Called Her Fat Because She Wanted Ice-Cream

A woman in China stabbed her boyfriend after he allegedly called her fat for wanting to eat ice-cream
According to Shangiist, the suspect was shopping with her boyfriend in Henan City, China on 14 August.
When she wanted to buy some ice-cream, her boyfriend refused to let her and insulted her by saying, "You're already so fat and you still want to eat ice-cream?"
According to eyewitnesses, the woman kept quiet and walked into a shop to buy a pair of scissors.
In the spur of the moment, she stabbed her boyfriend four times with the pair of scissors.
Pedestrians immediately contacted the ambulance and police after the incident took place, Mothership reported. 
When paramedics arrived, they rushed the victim to the hospital but it was too late to save him as he lost too much blood.
The police managed to arrest the suspect who suffered minor injuries after she attempted to flee the scene.
According to Shanghaiist, the couple were in their twenties and had only been dating for less than a month.